Usage conditions

Omnivox Password

You must select the password that you wish to use to access Omnivox. Your password must however respect certain constraints with the goal of maximizing the security that is offered to you. Make sure to select a password that you will easily remember but that will be hard for someone else to guess.

In order to protect your personal information, treat your Omnivox password with as much care as you do your bank PIN : do not divulge it to anyone, do not store it in your computer and do not write it down anywhere.

Correctly managing your password means maximizing its security and the security of your confidential information. You are personally responsible for the protection of your Omnivox password : we cannot be held responsible of any unauthorized access to your file or for the loss or damage resulting from unauthorized access to your file due to your negligence to protect your Omnivox password.

Unauthorized access

It is expressly forbidden to access or to permit access to any Omnivox service for illegitimate ends. Will be considered as illegitimate

  • Any fraudulent access using another person's identifier and their Omnivox without their explicit permission
  • Any attempt, regardless of the method, including any technological or computer methods, to obtain a user's password without their knowledge

Any attempt to access an account that is not your own constitutes fraudulent use liable to severe sanctions, including expulsion from your establisment. These sanctions are in addition to any other appropriate recourse in terms of civil or criminal law suits.

Restrictions pertaining to the use of content

Other than for the usage purposes for which Omnivox is intended, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce any information, data, text, message or any other form of content presented via Omnivox by any means whatsoever.

It is therefore notably forbidden, without being limited by, to

  1. Counterfeit or manipulate by any mean whatsoever any part of the Web site or of the Omnivox services
  2. Download, post, transmit via email or by any other mean any information contained on Omnivox or its services to disseminate for illegitimate ends, and notably phishing
  3. Download or transmit any content containing computer virus or any other computer code, file or program intended to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of Omnivox or of the establisment's network.
  4. Obstruct, perturb or use in an abusive fashion the services of Omnivox, its servers or the connected networks
  5. Attempt to collect or save personal data pertaining to other users

Any infraction to these usage restrictions render the guilty party liable to severe sanctions including expulsion from LaSalle College - Monterrey. These sanctions are in addition to any other appropriate recourse in terms of civil or criminal law suits.

Links to Web sites or third party services

For your convenience, Omnivox proposes links to sites, third party sites or services, such as resource sites or pedagogical material. We have no control over the content or operation of these sites nor over their practices and their functioning.

Intellectual property of third parties

Any user who puts online information using Omnivox must not infringe any copyright, any trademark and any other law, title or interest of intellectual property belonging to any third party. The user who puts content online using Omnivox must ensure that they obtain or possess the necessary rights allowing them among other to include on Omnivox any element (in part or whole) that is the intellectual property of another.