Security and confidentiality

The Omnivox Technology, develop by Skytech Communications, used by the LaSalle College - Monterrey subscribes to very rigorous rules with regards to security and confidentiality. Every precaution has been taken so that the information pertaining to you is protected again any error, loss or unauthorized access.


All of the operations carried out via Omnivox are encrypted in order to assure the confidentiality of the information circulating between Omnivox and you.


Access is controlled by several firewalls filtering access requests in order to identify and neutralize any unauthorized penetration attempt.

Confidentiality measures

Closing the session

It is important to close your session as soon as you are done using or when you must, in the course of using, leave for a moment.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used in Omnivox. These files are used to identify you from one visit to the next and from one page to another within your work session in order to facilitate your access and browsing. Cookies can only be read by the Web site that transmits them to you.

The cookies used in Omnivox help to gather your browsing preferences and do not contain any other sensitive information.